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Oct 7, 2012 12:00pm PDT
entire day or two. president obama is going to be in san francisco raising money tomorrow. but the romney campaign gets a bigger share of its money from big donors, rather than the small grassroots donors. >> mark, when we look back on the election here in 31 days, 32 days, there's been so much talk about the role of super pac money in this election. is it having the kind of effect we thought it would have? >> i think you can make the argument that it hasn't had as big of an impact just because all the different outside groups. there's almost diminishing returns. but where the super pacs, on the republican side did come in was during the summer when mitt romney didn't have all of that amount of money. after winning his primary. they allowed him to pretty much be able to compete with the president obama's campaign that had been saving up money over the summer period to run tons of ads. >> our senior political editor, mark murray, taking time off from watching the 'skins, we appreciate it. >>> to the war room we go, our war room strategist, joining me from washington, chris co-feen i
Oct 13, 2012 3:00pm EDT
san francisco bay near alcatraz. the impact tore open a hole in the vessel but the coast guard managed to rush in and save the day. they rescued all 22 folks on board. fortunately no one was hurt. >>> and the space shuttle "endeavor," truly a sight to behold there, continuing its slow careful trek through the streets of los angeles. it's headed for its retirement home at the california science center. >>> the political fight over evolution is still evolving. this week two republican congressmen are grabbing headlines for their comments on the subject. both are on the commission kmit tee for science, space, and technology. the latest remark, todd akin. you remember him. he's running for the senate seat in missouri. >> i take a look at both sides of the thing, and it seems to me that evolution takes a tremendous amount of faith. i don't see it as even matter of science because i don't know if you can prove one or the other. >> all right. that was todd akin. a tape also surfaced this week of georgia republican paul browne talking about evolution. >> all this stuff i was taught abo
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)